Sunday, January 2, 2011

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Connecting to internet using mobile phone as modem is easy from windows XP. The manufacturer provides you with the softwares required for windows - all that was required is to install the software and run the application. But when it comes to Linux, the whole picture changes. There is no default software from the manufacturer, there is no other third-party applications available.

Most of the linux users, like me gave up linux when they faced this. I had searched the net for days (months maybe), but got nothing valuable - there is always the geeky way, setting up wvdial/kppp running commands from 'terminal'. But, when I found out that all these were not required, everything needed to setup the connection was just a few clicks away - I felt a fool of myself - for not taking the effort to look for it. It even has all the mobile sevice providers details for each country with the access point names (APN), for which we had to call the customer care earlier!!!.

I tried this with Ubuntu 10.10 and nokia 6300, but Iam sure this works for all other linux OS and mobile phones.
This is what is to be done.

Step 1: Go to System -> Preferences -> Network Connections. The below screen pops up.

Step 2: Select the tab "Mobile Broadband". Click "Add"

Step 3: In the screen that opens, your mobile phone model is shown. Click "Forward" if the model shown is correct or select the correct model and click "Forward".

Step 4: The next screen asks you to select the Service Provider's Country. Select the country and click "Forward".

Step 5: The next screen lists the service providers present in the country selected in previous step. Select your service provider  and click "Forward".

Step 6: The data plans available for the selected service provider is listed along with the plans APN. Select the plan you have subscribed to and click "Forward".

Step 7: The settings you have selected is shown. Click "Apply" to confirm the settings.

Step 8: In the next screen enter the dial up Number, Username, Password of the connection. Also give a suitable name for the connection in "Connection name" and then click "Apply".

Step 9: You are done with the setup. The Network Connections screen now shows the new connection under the tab "Mobile Broadband".

Step 10: To connect to the internet, click on the Connection icon in the toolbar and select your connection from the drop down list.

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